October 31, 2014
Given the opportunity, what current or classic recording artist would you want to be for Halloween, and what’s your favorite horror movie of all-time?
Randi West, WFLZ/WMTX: Lady Gaga, because I already have the wig! Favorite movie is Halloween.


Chris K, KDND: Rick Astley or Robert Palmer. I’m not a horror movie guy at all, not a fan.

Jared Banks, KUDD: If I could dress up as any artist…ZZ Top is always a great look. My favorite Halloween movie has got to be Nightmare Before Christmas. Wait, is that a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie? I get confused easily!

Alex Tear, Y100: Rick Astley. Monsters Inc.




Derrick Cole, WLAN: I should go with the Bieber hair style! Favorite movie is Ghostbusters, which is kind of horror, right?

Jeremy Rice, WBLI: It has to be PsychoHitchcock (along with Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen) are my favorite directors of all time.

Otis, WNKS: Nick Jonas from Flaunt Magazine would be the greatest costume. Always been a Nightmare on Elm Street Fan!

Eric Chase, WVKS: I would go as Stevie B. so I could sign a picture for Bob Burke. Favorite horror movie? The 2014 Phillies. Wait, no. Halloween.

Sean Stewart, WDOD: I’d be 2002 krunk-era Lil Jon. Favorite movie is The Shining.

Brody, WLDI: Pitbull and the original Halloween.

Tori Thomas, WBSX: When I was in college I actually DID dress up as Joe Elliot from Def Leppard. The version of Joe from the “Photograph” video. I had the leather pants and everything. Favorite horror movie of all time – The Thing. That movie really scared the crap out of me!

Willobee, Shamrock Communications-Reno: Frank Zappa. I have the hair, nose and soul patch for it, not much makeup needed, just black hair dye. My favorite horror flick has to be The Exorcist.

Skywalker, WSPK: Prince! Silence Of The Lambs.

John Mayer, WRVW: I love them all! I love Halloween movies I’m a huge fan of horror movies but I like the older ones not the newer ones.

Marissa, WFLY: I’ve dressed up as not only as the “Baby One More Time” nineties Britney, but also the pregnant Britney. I like a lot of those movies, one of my favorites is Mr. Brooks.

Toby Knapp, WIHT: I would be Meatloaf. Right now I don’t need the extra padding so it would work well for this year only. Favorite horror movie of all time… wow… either The Exorcist or Child’s Play… Gotta love Chucky!

Kobe, 100.7 STAR: I'd love to dress up as Kanye (haha). Fave horror movie is actually not a movie, it's American Horror Story.

Fishboy, WKRZ: Beethoven. I’m not a horror movie fan, but my favorite Halloween show is The Great Pumpkin with Charlie Brown.

Big Rob, KSME: I don't really like horror movies and this year I’m going to be Fred Flintstone…Yaba Daba Doo!

Brad Davidson, Think Say Records: I would dress up like Josh Groban. All I would have to do is get a much bigger wallet! Best horror movie ever was the VHS of my Bar Mitzvah!

Tommy Chuck, WFLZ/WMTX: I don't like scary movies.

Kobi, KWNW: I want be a black Justin Timberlake! Horror movie would be Friday The 13th.


Java Joel Murphy, WAKS: Adele. The Exorcist!

Chris P, KRQQ: Michael Jackson...and I hate horror movies.

Roxy Myzal, Hard Drive: Frank Zappa and The Exorcist

Lennon Murphy, John Galt Entertainment: Miley Cyrus. She’s one of the few real rockstars out there. Plus with clothing optional Trick’R’Treating is a guaranteed WIN! Halloween (1978) John Carpenter’s soundtrack for the film defined the true horror of Michael Myers.

Mase, WKZQ: I'm going as David Byrne this year. I've gone as Robert Smith before as well. My favorite horror movie is Sleepaway Camp.

Rich Davis, KDWB: Joe Elliott from Def Leppard and Nightmare On Elm Street.



Slacker, WDZH: Prince only because of the Dave Chappell skit so I can say, “What’s up bitches?” Not so much a movie, but the TV show, Tales From The Crypt.

Chase Murphy, KXXM: Mexican Elvis. Steel Magnolias.

Jon Zellner, iHeartMedia: Adam Levine, and a toss-up between Night of the Living Dead and Burnt Offerings.

Kevin Kash, WWEG: I'd want to be Robert Plant so I could actually reunite with Led Zeppelin for some shows before it's too late (cue creepy music). Favorite horror movie - Evil Dead. The Exorcist is up there, too.

Max Volume, KOZZ: I wouldn't call them favorites, but The Hills Have Eyes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are two scary films. Scary, because they're possible. One Halloween, when I was 16, we all dressed up as KISS! We went down to the fancy Drugstore in La Canada where I grew up, and the cool lady did a professional job on us (for $7 each). We got pulled over, and the cop looked at us, looked at our ID's, then looked at us, and you could see the futility in his eyes and he said "You kids go somewhere and stay there!

Jim Maschio, WJSE: I would want to be King Diamond for Halloween, I would walk around all night screaming at the top of my lungs! Favorite horror movie of all time is 50/50 between Dracula (Lugosi era) and The Wolfman (Lon Chaney era). Both remakes are amazing in my opinion but you can't beat the original.

Sean "The Rabbi" Tyszler, WMMR: Dave Grohl and The Blair Witch Project



Chris Payne, KRZQ: Bootsy Collins and Candyman.

Slimfast, KRBZ: Robert Smith of The Cure. Guy still wears the same high tops and make-up. Movie: Fright Night. Chris Sarandon was a scary dude. Why didn't the guy from Herman's Head just mind his own business?

Paul Kriegler, Lotus Radio-Omaha: Nickelback.... and Poltergeist.

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