February 5, 2016
Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars are performing at this year’s Super Bowl, which combo of artists/bands would also make an attractive package for this huge event…and who will win the big game?
Zac Davis, WKSS/WKCI: Who cares who's performing? That seems like a good combo they have this year but as a 30+ year Broncos fan: DENVER WINS!!!!!!!

Jordan, KSLZ/KBWX: A Journey reunion with Steve Perry would be pretty cool to watch at halftime. And I think Denver for the win.

Toby Knapp, WIHT: What does Joe Daddio say? What does Football Jesus say? What would Tim Tebow do?

Jonathan Reed, WAEV: I'm gonna say Daya, DNCE and Tori Kelly or Justin Bieber, or Taylor Swift. I'm boycotting the NFL.

Tommy Chuck, WIHT: Justin Timberlake with Taylor Swift and Drake. I'm taking Broncos +6 and the over 45. #TChuckPredicts

Sassy, WKXJ: *NSYNC reunion because after what they did at the MTV Movie Awards they left us wanting more. I’d also love to see Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Peyton Manning has done so much for Chattanooga, he’s always contributing to our community and has a house here so I’m going with the Broncos. I love Cam and the Panthers, but for loyalty I’m sticking with Peyton. Cam will have more chances.

Jeremy Rice, WBLI: A debate between Trump, Hillary and Bernie, moderated by Charlie Walk and Tommy Nappi. Denver by 1. P.S. Screw the Patriots!!

Phil Reeder, WJLI: I've been one of those people signing the petition for Metallica to play the halftime show (to no avail). To me they are solidly going to satisfy the core demo of the NFL. Then add in Imagine Dragons and Foo Fighters. Everyone loves the Foo Fighters.

Max Volume, KOZZ: The Black Keys. Carolina Panthers.

Matt Talluto, WBYR: Because I'm tired of the pop (besides Bruno Mars, he's actually got talent) I'd like to see the rock side get some love. I think AC/DC is mainstream enough for the mass appeal of the Super Bowl "show." But hard enough to be cool for their die-hard fans. Open with a single from the Foo Fighters, a verse or two with Metallica, then close with "For Those About To Rock" as Angus and the boys rise slowly from under the stage. Carolina will probably win but I'm pulling for Peyton!
Java Joel, WAKS: I’d like to see Quarterflash, Franke & The Knockouts, Diesel and Tommy Tutone do the Super Bowl. I think the Browns will win. Lol.

Kobi, WNRW: Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder! The Panthers of course! #KeepPounding!

Eric Chase, WVKS: Since the pathetic overreaction to what happened the last time the Panthers appeared in the Super Bowl, we seemed to have gotten back to mass appeal and thoroughly entertaining halftime performances. Rather than the disconnected time machines a nipple shackled us to. I'd leave them be. Panthers 21-19, with 4 Cam dabs.

Jon Zellner, iHeratMedia: I’ll stick with people still living. How about AC/DC with Guns ‘N Roses and Ozzy. I’m pretty sure that would get some attention. Since my dreams of a Chiefs Super Bowl appearance were obliterated, I’ll go with the Panthers.

Kobe, WWHT: Kanye West, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. Carolina wins the game.

Randi West, WMTX: Panthers for the WIN! Taylor Swift/Garth Brooks/Motley Crue would be a killer combo!

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: I would suggest a mash-up of artists: Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Luke Bryan…a little bit of everything. Denver wins and Peyton can finally retire.

Jason Reed, WAEZ: Taylor Swift, U2 and Garth Brooks.

Brian Mack, WXXL: They’ve all done it. How about Paul McCartney again, that works for me.

Bill Shane, Eastlan Ratings: Jim Morrison of The Doors, Peter Tosh and David Bowie. Who'd care after this show?

Todd Lyons, KATS: Robert Randolph & the Family Band opening for Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes. Broncos
20, Panthers 19

Lenny Diana, WAQY/WLZX: I would love if they brought back the marching bands from back in the day.

Charley McCain, WSMW: Bon Jovi w/ Kiss & Joan Jett. And you know my answer to the rest of that question. (She lives in N.C.)

Brodie, KCHZ: Outkast, Macklemore / Ryan Lewis and Taylor Swift! Cause why not? Panthers win 31-10!

Mike Miller, WHKF: Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber and they can each have two guests. Denver wins.

Matt Johnson, KUDD: Katy Perry, Dave Grohl and Drake would be tremendous! Two years ago Denver was the #1 offense versus the #1 defense (Seahawks) and we KNOW how that turned out! Everyone knows- defense wins championships. This year Denver has the #1 defense, versus the #1 offense in Carolina. My $$ would be with DENVER!

John Mayer, WFLZ: After all the touring they did, I’d like to see Billy Joel and Elton John together on that stage. Carolina takes it, if you don’t stop them in the first half, say goodbye.

Jared Banks, KUDD: Zac Brown Band with the Foo Fighters and Kelly Clarkson! Drops mic, walks away!

Paul “Cubby” Bryant, WKTU: I'd love to see Paula Abdul and MC Skat Cat back together. Carolina wins 34-28.

Marissa, WFLY: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Big Rob, KSME: I think AC/DC would kick ass! And GO BRONCOS!!

Chris Michaels, FM 100: Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Bruno Mars would make a killer performance. The Carolina Panthers for the big win.

Terry Stevens, WOZZ: We are LOOOOOOOONG overdue for some testosterone-laden ROCK at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Let's put Foo Fighters, Metallica, and Five Finger Death Punch on that stage.

Sean “Rabbi” Tyszler, WMMR: Anything with Dave Grohl for the halftime show. As far as the game itself, "may the best team win."

Rozy Myzal, HardDrive: Five Finger Death Punch or Disturbed. Or both. And as much as I would love to see Peyton go out on a Super Bowl win, no one is stopping the Panthers.
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