December 18, 2014
Most Memorable Moments of 2014:
1) Proudest moment of the year? 2) Most embarrassing moment of the year?
3) Major influence of the year (person or event)?
Alex Tear, Y100:
1) Marrying Noa!
2) Yet to come…we have a few more days and I have not categorized all and anticipate several more…
3) This year’s collective life experiences personally and professionally have really made an impact on me this year. I’ve realized this journey is something very special and will continue to greatly appreciate all of the positive that continues to surround me.

Jeff Hurley, iHeartMedia/Central PA:
1) Standing on stage for my first Bob 94.9 Birthday Bash.
2) Moments later at the Birthday Bash, getting hugged by Newman, who was dressed as a playboy bunny.
3) My first trip to Memphis to see visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Visiting them will literally change your outlook on life. You instantly realize how blessed you are to do this for a living, and you feel the weight of responsibility to help the less-fortunate.

Jon Zellner, iHeartMedia
1) Watching my daughter enter the work force and get a terrific job in her field.
2) Nothing embarrassing comes to mind.
3) Always influenced by my wife, kids and family who remind me that everything else is never as important.

Derrick Cole, WLAN:
1) FM97 winning “Best in Lancaster County” for radio and Elvis Duran winning for best personality.
2) Almost forgot NoNoNo’s name while introducing them on stage during our Trendfest concert.
3) Jeff Hurley, Mike Miller and Kyle Anthony have all been great supporters within the PA region and have helped me so much this year.

Java Joel Murphy, WAKS:
1) Watching my son, Charley grow up. He’ll be two in January. Nothing even comes close.
2) Those two times I stomped on the vocal.
3) Gotta give it to Charley again. Everyone else can suck it. Nothing else even matters.

Twisted Todd, WTPT:
1) Playing with SKILLET at our Birthday Bash/Uproar Festival!!!!
2) I don’t get embarrassed!
3) That guy in the mirror….

Bob Patrick, WXLK:
1) Putting together our summer kick-off concert with MKTO.
2) Betting someone the Philadelphia Phillies would make the playoffs.
3) Working with the kids at the MDA summer camp. They lift me up and it’s a good reminder of why I do what I do.

Chris Payne, KRZQ:
1) Being nominated for, then inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
2) Being put in my place by William Shatner during a phone interview for Comic Con.
3) Watching the Slo Motion Boner Party take over the subterranean radio chart with ‘He Writes Your Checks’. #SMBP!!

Roxy Myzal, Hard Drive:
1) Winning my RadioContraband non-traditional programmer of the year.. And Impact Award.
2) Probably something I said on my Facebook
3) Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways

Jonathan Reed, KHFI & KPEZ/ Austin
1) Probably when JT Bosch offered me the job here in Austin along with the 2 weeks that followed living in Columbia.  Those last two weeks was the time I actually enjoyed the ‘fruits of my labor’ and the success that WNOK had while I was there.
2) Too many to mention.
3) I can’t single out a person or an event.  The whole experience with family, friends and old and new colleagues pretty much tied-in together to be a major influence going from life in Columbia to Austin.  2014 was a great year for me and I can’t wait to make 2015 happen.

John Mayer, WRVW:
1) Proudest moment came in two parts. First part was being named the Program Director of an amazing heritage station in WRVW. Then as one of my first decisions I added a song nobody heard of…Hozier “Take Me To Church.” People told me I was wrong.
2) Most embarrassing moment hasn’t happened yet. I guess there is still time left in the year for that one.
3) My major influence has come from several people, but I will keep it to the two biggest. Michael Bryan believed in me enough to hand over an amazing station to me and continues to be someone I turn to for anything and everything. Then of course there is John Ivey. The main reason I came to Nashville. Getting the opportunity to work closely with him throughout the year has taught me not just about radio but about life. I also think he might have a soft spot for Nashville, someone told me that.  


Jared Banks, KUDD:
1) Hindsight, knowing where we have been and seeing the growth of KUDD has been a fantastic ride to be on.
2) I was pretty well behaved this year so there are no new naked pics of me online!
3) I think my influences come from all around me constantly, but my family is my biggest influence. I get to do what I do because of them and I’m very blessed by their presence in my life!

Randi West, WFLZ/WMTX:
1) Getting my closet clean!
2) I don't really embarrass easily.
3) My Mom, she's been gone two years but I use her philosophy on life and business everyday.

David Dyer, WB Records:
1) Anytime I get to travel and spend time with the field staff. We have an amazing group of executives that are passionate about their artists and are respectful, friends to radio. I’m proud of them and they motivate me.
2) I’m not easily embarrassed so it’s hard to say but I bet Joe Rainey was involved.
3) Again, I go back to the field. Their ability to meet and exceed goals made me rethink expectations. They influenced me to think outside of the box with the knowledge they’d be there to get the job done and go farther than I expected. How do you determine goals when you have a team so able to easily do things that have never ever been done before?

Ally Reid, WFLY:
1) Incredibly successful return of FLY92.3’s Summer Jam.
2) Anytime I leave my Facebook open in the studio….that always results in interesting “updates” from me.
3) Our former General Manager Bob Ausfeld. Sadly Bob passed away in July, but his remarkable leadership and advice will stay with me forever.

Mike Rossi, WSTW
1) The birth of another grandson.
2) When my good buddy John Wilson gave me new wheel covers.
3) The baptism of my youngest grandson.

Nik Rivers, WLKK:
1) Kicking Lenny Diana’s Ass
2) Watching Lenny Diana get his ass kicked, It was sad...I felt embarrassed for him
3) The Stunning success of Slow Motion Boner Party! #SMBP

Brodie, KCHZ:
1) There were many proud moments for me in 2014 but one that stands out was co-hosting the American Music Awards radio broadcast that was hear all over the country.  Pretty neat!
2) Most embarrassing moment has to be when I did an amazing interview with Demi Lovato and then afterwards realizing that it didn't recorded.  That was horrible!
3) I had the opportunity to hang out with some of the best morning shows in the country at MSBC in Chicago this year and just being able to hear their stories and motivation was a major influence on me.

Eric Chase, WVKS:
1) Taking a role on our morning show. It's a heritage timeslot on a heritage station.
2) Anytime I can't come up with a clever or pithy answer for QOTW
3) Is and always will be, my Dad.

Fish Boy, WKRZ:
1) Our Holiday Show last night 12-11-14. Watching a 5-6 month project come to fruition and be as successful as it was!
2) Jennifer Lopez…ask Joe Rainey.
3) Working with our amazing heritage staff and continuing to gain knowledge from my boss OD who has really given me a chance to learn and grow in my position as MD.

Marissa, WFLY:
1) Making it 10 years in this business! I think we all know what kind of hurdle that is!
2) Not really embarrassing, but I felt bad…I came in really early, like 6am early, to interview Aaron Carter. I had been up almost all night with a killer migraine that was still kicking my ass, as I interviewed him in my pj’s and a snow hat. I apologized, but he gave me the biggest hug and told me he hoped I would feel better soon. I might marry him.
3) My friend, Brad Davidson is a pretty influential spirit. He has a drive unlike any other to go along with an amazing passion for the music industry. Gotta love the feeling that evokes to those around him.

Nikolina, WDJQ:
1) Packing our local mall with over 5,000 Q92 Listeners to see a FREE show with R5.
2) Most embarrassing moment goes to Ariana Grande for being so frightened by a Winged Angel at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! (meme central!)
3) My parents...they offer me unconditional love and support.

Skywalker, WSPK
1) Finally got the chance to crack the mic in New York City (92.3 AMP Radio)
2) I’m not easily embarrassed.
3) My PD Scotty Mac continues to a wonderful mentor and boss.

Kobe, 100.7 STAR:
1) Taking the leap to start a new business idea and trust faith over fear.
2) I don't get embarrassed easily lol so nothing comes to mind.
3) My daughter Tia, her happiness has been my main motivating factor in 2014

Sean "The Rabbi" Tyszler, WMMR
1) Preston & Steve morning show raising 840,456 lbs of food and over $100,500
2) Our Eagles
3) Dave Grohl

Aaron Michelson, Q Prime Management:
1) Watching Bear Hands sell out two shows in Fresno this year. Before the first show, Dylan (lead singer) asked, “How did this happen? We’ve never been to Fresno. We don’t know anyone here!” It was crystal clear our radio partner in the market was driving people to see the band last Spring…. and they all came back (and brought their friends) again in the Fall. Thanks to Jason Squires at New Rock 104.1 and everyone who opened up their playlists for Bear Hands in 2014!

Lennon Murphy, John Galt Entertainment:
1) Finally falling down the stairs of a tour bus after over 10 yrs of touring
2) Finally falling down the stairs of a tour bus after over 10 yrs of touring
3) Vodka…. Might have had something to do with answers #1 & #2.


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