January 29, 2015
Katy Perry is performing at this year’s Super Bowl. Who do you feel would be other quality choices for future Super Bowl halftime shows, and who wins the game, the Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots?
Nikki Nite, KDND: I’d love to see Taylor Swift perform at halftime! And I don’t care who wins. I am just there for the commercials and the snacks.

Mike “OD” O’Donnell, WKRZ: Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift. Patriots win (with deflated balls).

Tommy Chuck, WIHT: Maroon 5. Patriots will win the game.

Gina Gray, WERO: David Guetta with everyone that sung on his hits. Patriots will win. I really don't care.

Josh Reich, WB Records: Foo Fighters. Who cares who wins as long as it's NOT THE PACKERS!

Erik Bradley, B96:: P!nk, Justin Timberlake, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift and I think Seattle wins by a FG.

Big Rob, KSME: Maroon 5 or a Country act like Adam’s buddy Blake Shelton or Luke Bryan. Patriots all the way. Go Broncos!

Skywalker, WSPK: Imagine Dragons would be awesome. I’ll say the Patriots win.

Bob Patrick, WXLK: Taylor Swift would be great. Wouldn’t mind seeing P!nk do it, either. I don’t care who wins the game. I prefer to bet the coin toss. Tails never fails.

Chase Murphy, KXXM: The Wiggles. Pats.

Twisted Todd, WTPT: I've been saying it for years: METALLICA!!!! And since I HATE the Pats (long before Deflate-gate), GO SEAHAWKS!!!!

Mike Rossi, WSTW: Taylor Swift and P!nk (especially with the whole Philly thing going on). Patriots will squeeze out a victory.

Monte Montana, KNCN: Foo Fighters! And Seahawks.

Roxy Myzal, Hard Drive: Foo Fighters! Seattle!

Jeff Sweatman, WCNR: Rascal Flatts, Big Blue (Deflated) Ball (feat. Peter Gabriel), Fastball, Flat Duo Jets, Screamin Cheetah Wheelies, Cheetahs. Taylor Swift ("deflators gonna deflate ate ate"). I'm hoping Seattle wins, which means NE will win...or is Adderall > deflated balls???

Chris “Hollywood” Mann, WERO: Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Usher. Seahawks.

Marissa, WFLY: Justin Timberlake, Macklemore (once the new album is out I’m sure it’ll be fine), Jay-Z. I have no loyalty to either team, but just ‘cause they are closer to home I’ll go with the ball-deflating Patriots!

Jared Banks, KUDD: I think the Zac Brown Band would SLAY a halftime show at the Super Bowl. I hope the Seahawks win. But I’m a Bucs fan so it doesn’t really matter. Yay for sportsing!

Jeff Hurley, iHeartMedia/Central PA: No-brainer, Taylor Swift. It’s the only thing she hasn’t done yet. I dunno. Asking me to pick a favorite between the Seahawks and Patriots is like asking me which of my shins I’d like you to kick.

Randi West, WFLZ/WMTX: Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, P!nk. Seattle.

Eric Chase, WVKS: I've long believed that it's best and easiest to go with biggest pop act(s) at the moment or when the time the decision is made. The game will be a tie. 0-0. Because all the footballs will be deflated and they won't be able to play. #tiegate

Heather Deluca, WSJO: I’ll say it…I wanna see what Taylor Swift would do with a halftime show. She already plays to stadium crowds. If the NFL has already gone to Bruno Mars and Katy Perry, Taylor Swift seems like the next obvious choice. Maybe she’ll please the male population and bring along some of her Victoria’s Secret BFFs, lol. As for the Big Game winner? I’m going with the Seahawks.

Slacker, WDZH: Imagine Dragons would be cool. Eminem would be great. I’m going to take the Seahawks to repeat, 31-24.

Paul Jarvis, WBOS: For halftime band: Slo Motion Boner Party. Pats will deflate any hope the Seahawks have. Pats WIN.

Matt Talluto, WBYR: New England wins. And AC/DC! They're one of the few bands that cross all ages. Have you seen the turnout at their shows for the past 30 years? Get with it, Goodell!

Kevin Kash, WWEG: Areosmith (with autotune) before it's too late. Seahawks repeat.

Todd Lyons, KATS: Trans-Siberian Orchestra for halftime and, coming from the great Pacific Northwest…SEAHAWKS!

Valentine, Y100: Calvin Harris along with all his friends who have sung for him… that would be HOT! As for the team...GO HEAT!

Lee Leipsner, Columbia Records: AC/DC…Seahawks.

Derrick Cole, WLAN: Taylor Swift would have been a HUGE get this year. Deflated football for the win!

Nikolina, WDJQ: Pitbull, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy. Go Seahawks! #deflategate lol

Kobe, 100.7 STAR: Hate to be cliché, but Taylor Swift would kill it. Seahawks 24-21.

Jonathan Reed, KHFI & KPEZ: Taylor Swift. I hate both teams period!

Reid, WAEV: Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 and I think Seattle repeats and wins the game.

Java Joel Murphy, WAKS: Bring back Prince!!!! I’m goin’ with the Seahawks.

Chris P, KRQQ: Lil Wayne and Drake and always bet on Bill Belichick...Pats Win!

Sean "The Rabbi" Tyszler, WMMR: Resurrect Kurt Cobain, get Nirvana back together, and for sure the Seahawks will win. Go Seattle!!!

Nik Rivers, WLKK: Without a doubt, Slo Motion Boner Party! #SMBP4Life. And the game……I’d bet a dozen Deflated Balls on New England!

Brody, WLDI: Ariana Grande, Pitbull, Taylor Swift. I really don’t care who wins the game.

Lenny Diana, WLZX/WAQY: How many morons said Foo Fighters? I'd like to see the NFL take it old school and go back to the marching bands. And in a magical Super Bowl I'd like to see the New York Giants win. We'd talk about that for years!

Chris Payne, KRZQ: Slo Motion Boner Party, Seattle Seahawks by 10. Eff the Patriots.

Joey Buhler, KMRQ: First off, can we all collectively pray for a wardrobe malfunction? Foo Fighters. Is there really any other choice here? The people want FF and they would do a bang up job. This needs to happen. Also this Super Bowl needs to replace the numbers with a double asterisk.

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