Get To Know... Lola Spriggs


Town and state you grew up in:  

Born in Montreal Quebec.  Moved around for  five years, including Alabama where I learned to speak with a "southern charm", and landed back in Montreal. Finally left for Ottawa when I was 12. I moved out on my own at age 16.  Left to live in London for a stint, and eventually moved back to Ottawa.


Town and state you live in now: 

Now I live in a little rural town outside Ottawa Ontario, called Navan just like the French liqueur.


First instrument:

I took up the guitar when I was about 10 and wrote some really simple songs.  I also tried my hand at piano in my teens but I left home so young and didn’t have much to my name.  Really scraped by for many years.  I didn’t have access to a guitar or piano again until many years later, so I never got to a level of proficiency where I would play either instrument live.


Instruments you currently play:

I leave the instruments to the pros now.  I'll pick up a tambourine in live performance.  I play a mean cow bell too (grin).


First performance:

My first live singing performance was at a night club when I was part of a musical improv show. I was discovered there by a marketing company and hired to do radio jingles, which inspired me to join a band.  My first band performance was in the late 80’s with Rough Edges.  We were all original and had a pretty good following around town.


Last book you read:

Something by Mary Higgins Clarke – forget the title. I was in Mexico and it was the only English book I found in the apartment  – disappointing too.  I’m in the middle of Archinon, but it’s taking me forever to get through it because I’ve been so busy in studio.      


Favorite movie:

If I have to pick one it would be The Wizard of Oz - my all time favorite movie is. It goes back to my childhood and has a very special meaning.  But I can't limit it to one because I have so many.  Beaches will always be a favorite because I watched it with my mom after my dad died, and we were lying there together on a futon balling our eyes out – sad moment but wonderful memory.  Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Life is Beautiful – very powerful films .  The Fifth Element is also a fun favorite - I love the combination of fantasy and action and of course the amazing opera (Lucia Di Lammermoor). I’m a big sucker for romance films too – Love Affair, Pride and Prejudice, etc.  I love Al Pacino, so anything with him is an automatic favorite. 


Song you wish you had written:

One that I have not finished.  I started writing it after my best friend Debbie died of cancer a few years back.  Still a work in progress.  One day I will.   Can't say that I wish I had written someone else's song but I do wish I had the magnificent talents of so many great song writers. 


Favorite song:

Too many – but all with a story to tell.  My tastes are so varied…so indulge me.  “Adia” by Sarah McLachlan (mom’s death), “Epitaph” by King Crimson (childhood broken heart), “Let Me Roll It” by Paul McCartney and Wings (first kiss), “Cry Baby” by Janis (I’m not telling), “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison (love of course), “Whatever It Takes” by Anita Baker (special someone, but it's a secret ).


Three people (alive or dead) you would want to have dinner with:

My mom because I miss her terribly, Al Pacino because I’m a HUGE fan, and Robin Williams ‘cause I love to be silly and laugh a lot - and he's a fascinating individual comedy aside.

Three CD’s you can’t live without:

I’d have to say Janis Joplin “Pearl,” Carol King “Tapestry,” and I’m hooked on KT Tunstall these days –  “Drastic Fantastic.” 


Guilty pleasure:

Champagne and Devon cream….not together of course.


Your most recent project:

“Nobody But You” written by internationally acclaimed writer/producer Marcus KaneRane Parish did the vocal arrangement.  It is a beautifully melodic song with wonderful harmonies.  It has captured a very gentle an innocent feel in my delivery - I think it is some of the very best recorded vocal work I’ve done.  We’ve got two more on the go right now, working towards a new mini-CD in the late spring/early summer  2010.


Message to the world:

I guess the first obvious one at the moment would be for people to dig deep into their pockets to help the devastated people of Haiti.  Going broader, I would say that if we all strive for a world committed to respect and tolerance, and a willingness to understand and accept, there are no challenges, differences, or obstacles that we cannot overcome together.


Nicki Farag,
SVP of Promotion,
Def Jam Recordings

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