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Get To Know Kenny Davies...

Town and state you grew up in: West Plains, Missouri.

Town and state you live in now: North Hollywood, California.

First instrument: The Violin.

Instruments you currently play: Guitar.

First performance: I performed "The Howdown" on violin at a school performance at the age of 7. Nerve racking, too!

Last book you read: “Rule by Secrecy” by Jim Marrs. Awesome book!

Favorite movie: Boondock Saints

Song you wish you had written: There are so many! Like ALL of Led Zeppelin's, The Who, The Beatles, The Stones, U2, etc. etc. But a snap answer is "Sweeter" by Gavin DeGraw!

Favorite song: I don't have only one favorite song! I have hundreds! Not a fair question at all!

Three people (alive or dead) you would want to have dinner with: Bono, Neil Young, Cat Stevens.

Three CD's you can't live without: The three albums I am going to make!

Guilty pleasure: My girlfriend.

Your most recent project: I am writing a song for my girlfriend, who is my childhood sweetheart from 30 years ago.

Message to the world: My message to the world is love and be kind to everyone. Treat people like you would want to be treated yourself. Never consider someone is "below you." Be humble, thankful, helpful and generous.


Nicki Farag,
SVP of Promotion,
Def Jam Recordings

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