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Philadelphia's Cold Fronts have a had a pretty fantastic couple of years after being unknowingly discovered at SXSW by Seymour Stein of Sire Records, the man who signed The Ramones and Madonna. The whirlwind will culminate later this year with the release of their full length debut, but late in 2014 the band put out an obligatory pre-album EP, Forever.

The EP is a quick listen, with four songs coming in at under 15 minutes, but it hits hard, kicking off with the one two punch of rockers "Hit Me" and "Know It All." Those will both be appearing on the upcoming record, but the second half of the EP, the catchy "Jackie" and more experimental "Faded," will not be. 

I recently sat down with frontman Craig Almquist and the band at Cambridge Sound Studios in Philly for a chat, and more importantly to record our first SubModern Session of 2015. You can listen to this exclusive live performance HERE, and find out more about Cold Fronts at

If you're interested in airing this session on your show, please contact Josh T. Landow.

By Josh T. Landow
Forever EP

Mike Doughty's prolific output has increased exponentially in recent years. Since his last album of new material (2011's Sad Man Happy Man), he released a covers album, two live records and an album's worth of re-recorded Soul Coughing songs, after distancing himself from that material for years. His newest album Stellar Motel was released in September.
       Doughty's last few releases have been fairly lo-fi and stripped down but Stellar Motel gives his sound a good shake-up, by incorporating plenty of Hip-Hop into the material. Doughty worked with indie Hip-Hop producer Good Goose on Stellar Motel, which essentially goes back and forth between straightforward guitar tunes and Hip-Hop tracks. Stellar Motel kicks off with the great lead single "Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating In The Future," which is built around an ominous banjo sample. Much of the record alternates between classic solo Doughty songs such as "When The Night Is Long" and "These Are Your Friends," and wackier Hip-Hop collaborations like "Oh My God Yeah F*** It" and "Let's Go To The Motherf***ing Movies." Multiple under-the-radar guest rappers appear throughout Stellar Motel, trading off verses with Mike on tracks such as "Let Me Lie" and "Pretty Wild."
       After two decades of music making (Soul Coughing's debut album recently celebrated its 20th anniversary!), it's great to see Doughty still experimenting and musically mixing things up.

If you're interested in airing this session on your show, please contact Josh Landow.

By Joey Odorisio
Stellar Motel

(Snack Bar / Megaforce)
One of my favorite new bands this summer has been the Scottish duo Honeyblood, consisting of lead singer/guitarist Stina Tweedale and drummer/singer Shona McVicar. I don't think I would have guessed that there were only two of them making so much "crunch pop" as they call it. Not to say that it's all loud and raucous tunes. There's a range of sounds on this impressive debut from fuzzy rockers like "Killer Bangs," "Fall Forever," and "Choker" to more harmonious tunes like "Bud," "(I'd Rather Be) Anywhere But Here," and "Fortune Cookie."

We recently had the chance to spend some time with the delightfully charming ladies of Honeyblood for another SubModern Session where they performed live renditions of some of the album's highlights, plus we found out about all the calls that Stina got from her exes after the release of their venom spewing single "Super Rat" and the very sweet story behind "Killer Bangs." The session is available HERE and can be embedded on your station's website or aired on your show.

Find out more about Honeyblood at or

By Josh T. Landow
(Fat Cat)

It's not often that you hear about a Canadian/Irish hybrid electronic band, but I'm here to tell you about one (the only one?) right now. The five piece Nightbox makes some very interesting sounds using unconventional methods on their sophomore EP The Panic Sequence. Their songs are equal parts danceable and fist-pumpable and catchy as hell. If you're looking to fill that M83 sized hole on your playlist, check out single "Burning" or go a little deeper with the title track and "In The Rural."

I recently sat down with the band to talk about the EP (and the impressive sight of their fiery video for "Burning"). You can hear that interview and more importantly a live performance, including a couple of brand new, yet-to-be-released songs, in our latest SubModern Session. It's downloadable for airplay HERE or to embed it on your website HERE.

Find out more about Nightbox at or

By Josh T. Landow
The Panic Sequence
(Rare Beef)

Over the last few years City Rain have become a mainstay of the Philadelphia electronic music scene, but as founder Ben Runyan teamed up with Scott Cumpstone for his latest effort Songs For A High School Dance it became clear that it was time to reach beyond the city of brotherly love. Perhaps you've heard their single "The Optimist," but now check out a live SubModern Session from City Rain including two more songs from the new album. It's downloadable for airplay HERE or to embed it on your website HERE.

Find out more at

By Josh T. Landow
City Rain
Songs For A High School Dance

When English band The Duke Spirit decided to take a break for a little while after 2011’s Bruiser album, members Liela Moss and Toby Butler began working on music together that was departure from their norm into the world of electronic music. Recently releasing an EP, followed shortly thereafter by a debut full length album Zeal, Roman Remains has become more than just a side project for the two.

Many of you have played their lead single "This Stone Is Starting To Bleed" as well as album tracks "Animals" and "Tachycardia," but you probably haven’t heard the songs of Zeal as you will in our latest SubModern Session where Leila and Toby perform acoustic renditions of some of the album’s tracks. Check out the session for yourself and share it with your listeners. It’s downloadable for airplay HERE or to embed it on your website HERE.

Find out more at

By Josh T. Landow
Roman Remains
(Hot Records Ltd.)

Eternal Summers are a dreamy, shoegazey, fuzzy trio, hailing from one of the last places you'd expect – Roanoke, VA. With the release of their 3rd album The Drop Beneath they have both maintained the upbeat jangly pop sound that they firmly established on 2012's Correct Behavior, yet taken a darker turn away from it.

Many of you have been playing their current single "Gouge," but there is plenty more to be found on The Drop Beneath. For those looking to go deeper, try "100," "Never Enough," "Make It New," or "A Burial." Find out more and check out their live performance in our latest SubModern Session, recorded at MilkBoy The Studio in Philadelphia. It's available for you to download and play on your shows HERE or embed it on your website from Soundcloud.

You should have ample opportunity to catch Eternal Summers live as they are touring all over the place through May. Find out if their travels will bring them anywhere near you at or

By Josh T. Landow

Eternal Summers
The Drop Beneath

When a band has been around for as long as Sam Roberts Band has, there are always those fans who who say "I like their old stuff better." With the release of SRB's sixth album Lo-Fantasy a few weeks ago, I find myself saying the opposite. I love the way that Sam Roberts Band has evolved and improved album after album with Lo-Fantasy perhaps being their best work yet!

Recognizing that they were heading in a more danceable direction, SRB chose to work with Youth (Killing Joke, The Orb), a producer who they knew would push them beyond their comfort zone. That's not to say that Lo-Fantasy doesn't sound like a Sam Roberts Band album, because it does, but with a little extra something to it (including a bonus disc of full-on dance remixes). Delving a bit deeper than first single "We're All In This Together," you'll find the equally excellent "Shapeshifters," "The Hands of Love," Kid Icarus," "Too Far," and smooth album closer "Golden Hour."

Hear a few of those songs performed live in our latest SubModern Session, recorded at World Café Live in Philadelphia. It's available for you to download and play on your show HERE or embed from Soundcloud.

Catch Sam Roberts Band at the SXSW "M For Montreal" showcase on March 13th or on tour on the west coast and Midwest throughout March. Get more info and dates at or

By Josh T. Landow

Sam Roberts Band
(Paper Bag)

When I first heard Drowners' single "Luv, Hold Me Down" a few months ago, I thought, "what a great new British band." Then I heard that they were a New York band and I thought, "what a great New York band trying to sound British." Then I found out that frontman Matthew Hitt actually is a transplant and former model from the U.K. and then I just thought, "what a great band…period." Actually as I've listened more and more to their self-titled debut full length, Drowners have come to remind me the most of early era Strokes. I can only wish as much success on them.

I recently had a chance to meet up with the band at MilkBoy in Philadelphia for another SubModern Session performance. If it's possible Drowners raw energy comes through even more live! This session is available for you to download and play on your show HERE or embed from Soundcloud.

If you're headed to SXSW this year, you owe it to yourself to check out Drowners, or see them on tour this spring. Get more info at or

By Josh T. Landow



If you enjoyed Blondfire's Where The Kids Are EP as much as I did last year or the title track inspired you to go out and buy a Honda Civic, then you're probably as happy as I am that their full length record (featuring the entirety of the EP) is finally here! If you didn't spend any time with more than just the EP's title track, then I'm almost envious of you because you get to enjoy all of Young Heart as brand new. Aside from the EP tracks and the titular single, which comprise the first 5 track of the album, some highlights to consider for your shows are "Dear In Your Headlights," "Wild and Wasted," "We Are One," and "Life of The Party."

For those who don't know much about Blondfire, it's the project of brother-sister duo Bruce and Erica Driscoll, who grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but were inspired just as much by the music from their mother's native country Brazil, where they spent a lot of time. Find out more about that and hear songs recorded live at MilkBoy in Philadelphia for our very first SubModern Session, available for you to download and play on your show HERE, or embed this Soundcloud player onto your website:

If you liked what you just heard, hopefully you can experience it live as Blondfire is just wrapping up a tour with Royal Teeth and heading out again with The Sounds in March and April. Get tour dates and more info at

By Josh T. Landow

Young Heart
(Tender Tender Rush / INgrooves)


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