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CHR Up Close: Randi West, PD, WDCG (G105)/Raleigh

Randi West

As programmer, Randi West recognizes the importance of teaching and allowing her staff to grow. Under her leadership G105 has become a tight-knit group that takes its marching orders from Randi, who in turn reciprocates total respect, trust and support back to her squad.
          In the sports world, they are called “players-coaches,” the kind of coach players just love to play for. So calling Randi West a “players coach” wouldn’t be a reach at all.

eQB presents excerpts from the May FMQB magazine CHR Up Close with Randi West, PD, WDCG (G105)/Raleigh

“The change for me as a PD was recognizing that it’s always evolving and just because we made one decision before, we may not make the same one again. Change is something to embrace and understand.” 

“Having a quality support staff is something lately that is more important than EVER. It allows me to focus on big picture stuff, while my team knows how to execute on their own without me.”

“The best advice I can give to anyone balancing and managing their teams is to find out how they want to be managed and then don’t try to control, but try to be a resource for them.”

“Gut is another important dynamic to music decisions, but those gut decisions come from our listeners not from me.”

“Our time is becoming less and less. Give us the info. That's it. No need to call multiple times or send multiple emails.”

“It's about what OUR audience wants. I don't program the station of my favorite songs...boy would that be a disaster.”

“Our website is the visual of our product and personalities.”

“One of the strengths of our station has been our fun, sometimes irreverent events. All of these events allow the listener to feel apart of the radio station.”

“I have always said that if any of my part-time people can’t get full time jobs, what does that say of me as a teacher? While it is challenging to take the time to help new talent, it is extremely important in my opinion.“

“The desire and thirst for excellence is something you cannot teach or create.”

“I think a lot of people spend a lot of time worry about their jobs, the economy, the state of the industry, etc. Let’s concentrate that time of THINKING on what we are going do about it.”

** QB Content by Mark LaSpina **

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"We are always going to be the media of choice. People are going to come to us because we're free and millions of people listen to radio every day"

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