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Up Close with XM Satellite Radio
SVP & Chief Creative Officer Lee Abrams

Lee Abrams has been a powerful force in radio for four decades. In the 70's & 80's, his partnership with Kent Burkhart formed one of the most influential consultancy firms in radio broadcast history. In 1993, Newsweek listed Abrams as one of America's "100 Cultural Elite," recognizing his contributions to creating modern day radio. He's designed formats at every phase of his career, including Album Rock, AAA, New Age/Jazz, Urban Dance, and Active Rock. In June of 1998, Abrams once again was an integral component of yet another new initiative -- XM Satellite Radio. His creative input helped launch over 100 satellite radio channels and his leadership in the newfound medium has been profound. Most of all, Lee Abrams' passion is as strong as ever. [more]

Q&A with Alternative Distribution Alliance President Andy Allen 
In a first-of-its-kind event, Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), the No. 1 distributor of independent music in the U.S., will host a gathering of its family of labels in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from June 14-16. [more]

Programming To Win by Paul Kelly 
So here we are, halfway through 2006, and everyday seems to present a new statistic, regarding the growth of Ipod, satellite, and Internet radio listening. All this is fine and well, but Paul Kelly dives into the one stat that doesn't change - content is king. [more]

Question Of The Week 
Frank Paine, Toby Knapp and Mike Rossi are among the industry elite who answered this week's question, "You can share an airshift with anyone, dead or alive.
Who do you choose and why?

Hot Shots
Nick Lachey, WAEB's Mike Kelly, Lostprohphets,  Roxy Myzal of United Stations,
The Panic Channel, Marco Collins of 91X, Bryan Adams and Jones Radio Networks' Chad Blake are featured in this week's Hot Shots. [more]

This Week In FMQB History
Names found in this week's history page include: Clive Davis, Tony Banks, Chris Lopes, Keith Naftaly, Susie Steiner, Brian Philips, John Boulos, Curtiss Johnson, Prince, Bon Jovi, Gloria Estefan, Heavy D and Sheryl Crow 
Talent Tips by Jay Trachman
Jay Trachman believes every on-air personality should be critiquing his or her own shows on a regular basis -- not as a replacement for the PD, but in addition. The problem is, as everyone knows, we tend to be our own "worst critics."  [more]


Nikki Nite,
VP of Prog. & Ops,

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