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Buzz Band: Message To Venus

October 04, 2011

The story begins in 2009 in Puerto Rico where guitarist John Feliciano, bassist Edgar Ramos and drummer JuanMa Font met through various band incarnations and break-ups.  While a communal desire to meld together a sonic workshop of powerful and abrasive music layered with melodically seductive vocals fueled the project, it wasn’t until famed producer Leo Alvarez suggested the band check out veteran singer Jandre Nadal that a band was born.  Unleashing his Zeppelin by way of Tool vocal acrobatics into the music was exactly what the band needed to move forward and start defining their sound.  In 2010, they began aggressively recording a collection of songs that would become an E.P. entitled, The Envelope.  With moderate sales in the U.S. and their native Puerto Rico, the band decided to focus solely on the States to launch their assault.  Puerto Rico is beautiful and very tropical”, explains guitarist John Feliciano.  “But it’s a place where the majority of the people want to dance...our thing is to ROCK!”  It was then decided that the band would move to Miami, Florida where they could concentrate on the recording of their full-length release, Victims & Villains.  With Alvarez taking over the helm to produce and mix the effort, the ten song album will feature razor-like precision riffs and their pummeling rhythm section amidst Nadal’s soaring vocal range and attack.  The recently released lead-off track from the album, “Cold & Grey”, is already enjoying success on Sirius XM’s Octane and MusicChoice as well as a slew of commercial and internet radio stations across the U.S.   It is also the top-selling track to date for the band on iTunes and Amazon.


As the band charts its path with eyes aimed towards touring and label showcasing, fans can check them out on their Facebook page and website;  



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Check out their new single, “Universal You” impacting radio now:

posted by Mike Bacon on 10/4/2011 11:42:37 AM

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