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by Jay Trachman

Here it is, folks. The last publisher’s note in the last issue of One to One. I am closing it down because the enterprise is no longer profitable, and the industry is – to me – no longer recognizable. There was a time when I could write “Talent Tips” columns with the comfort that hundreds, if not thousands, of jocks would read and consider the advice. It’s just not that way anymore.

When I started this newsletter in January, 1976, there were, to my knowledge, only two or three other “joke” services for radio-folk, and they were all monthly. I believe we were the first to publish weekly, thus allowing us to be highly topical. Today, there are dozens of prep services, several of them daily – aimed mainly at morning shows, because they’re pretty much the only ones who do content. In recent years, I find myself “borrowing” more and actually creating less. That’s not a good thing, in a service that calls itself “The Journal of Creative Broadcasting.” So, I felt it was time to make a graceful exit. Like the old show biz maxim: “Always leave ‘em wanting more.”

I will still be available for appearances and workshops.

While One to One has been, above all, a personal effort, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank each of the people who helped make it possible in recent years:

First, Barb Richards of WAJI. She said many kind things in her final column, last week – but in fact, I’m the one who’s in her debt. She’s written those “Female Perspective” articles for decades, always coming up with something new to say. And she’s been a faithful “rater” of my material, through thick and thin, lo these many, many years, including periods when she really didn’t have the time. I love you, Barb – thanks for enriching my life, and all our lives, with your talent and insights.

Keith Allen is another without whose help this sheet would not be as good as it’s been. Through job changes, personal crises and all the vagaries of this business, Keith has stuck with me as a friend, and with us as a rater, for decades. Thank you, my friend. You’re the best!

Jim Walsh was the most recent addition to our rating staff, and offered the perspective of a talk show host to the material’s usefulness. Jim – thanks so much -- I appreciate you so!

Then, there’s Chuck Flagg – our birthdays expert. Chuck’s knowledge and vast resources have helped keep the birthdays in the “Day to Day” column current. We’ve gotten together on the phone every third week, to update three columns at a time – probably for more than twenty years. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s patient, he’s a beautiful human being. Thanks, Chuck – I am going to miss you (as well as all the others) SO much.

And finally, there’s the key person who has made this enterprise a success – a person willing to shell out bucks to read my silliness and thoughts each week – I’m speaking of YOU, of course – and it’s a kindness and a small miracle I will never get over. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. May you succeed in your career and in your life; may you experience the joy and fulfillment that I have basked in all this time. Happy Holidays, farewell and God bless.

Jay Trachman is publisher of “One to One,” a weekly information and humor service for broadcasters. Jay can be reached at: phone (559) 448 0700, fax (559) 448 0761, e-mail at, or Reprinted with permission. 


Nikki Nite,
VP of Prog. & Ops,

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