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So it's been a few weeks since SXSW wrapped up and I think I'm about 98.4% recovered. After missing it last year I went into this year head first and that seemed like a good idea at the time. No, it was honestly a blast (as it normally is). I don't know if it was because I took a year off or not, but this year seemed so much more manageable than before. Don't get me wrong, I'm always amazed how well the festival runs and how great the staff is every year, but this year something just seemed different. There were fewer "big acts" than in the past (which is how it's supposed to be) but it didn't feel like attendance was down, things were just easier. So big hats off to SXSW staff!!! They are always seem to be in the best mood even though we all come in and take over their town for a week.

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OK, so after having "We Can Do What We Want" from the second Drenge album "Undertow" I've finally shaken out of there. It's now been replaced by another guitar based tune (What??? Who uses guitars in ALT rock anymore) from the Essex/London band Bonhicas. Their debut album, "The Making Of The Bohicas" will be out 8/21 on Domino. Look for them to be touring the states towards the end of the year.


10 Years "From Birth To Burial" (Pale Horse)
Alabama Shakes "Gimme All Your Love" (ATO Records)
Burn Halo "Dying Without You" (eOne)
Eternity Fallen "Burn To The Ground" (New Ocean Media)
First Decree "Stp" (First Decree/Concrete)
James Bay "Let It Go" (Republic Records)
Silversun Pickups "Nighttime" (New Machine Recordings)
Sunflower Dead "Dance With Death" (Bloody Bat Records)

Iím Greg Beharrell.
I host drive on Live 105.
I stalk other radio stations.
Hereís what I found.
ēThe Church of Lazlo - 96.5 The Buzz
ē Kevin Klein Live - Live 105
ē The Morning X with Jason and Deb - 101x

"Mountain At My Gates"

Paul Jarvis from WBOS in Boston and some listeners with U2
(no Bono).

Greg Beharrell

It's once again time for another episode of "WHO Is?" This time around we have fellow who is not only from some place called Canada (yet is allowed to live in San Francisco), but he is also going to start doing a column right here for FMQB. It's time to find out....WHO Is Greg Beharrell from KITS or better known as a little station called LIVE 105!

Going back in time, what was the circumstance that truly prompted you to make radio your career?
My face dragged along the birthing canal.

You told me that you are so into radio that you "literally sit at work after my show, work on stuff for my program, then read articles, and study all the players in the game (I shouldn't know about the Tucson ratings, but I do!)". No offense to the fine people in Tucson, but how long has this been a problem?
If youíre implying that Iím OCD, Iím not.
If youíre implying that Iím OCD, Iím not.
If youíre implying that Iím OCD, Iím not.

What was the last book you read?
The one the prosecutor threw at me.

You mentioned that you worked in Toronto and Vancouver before San Francisco...they are in Canada right?

I still remember the day I left Canada: beautiful scenery, fresh air, the Prime Minister reiterating the terms of my ban.

Follow up question...Did you find it difficult to sound enthusiastic when you HAD to play all of those Canadian bands? Sure...there are some good ones, but really.
Everything I do must feature Canadian content, even this sentence: sorry.

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Mike McVay
SVP/Content & Programming
Cumulus Media

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