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Hi, Mase here, the new guy at FMQB....one week in we are already out there sharing the Rock and Roll music the kids are dancing to these days. Why??? Because that is what we do, but that's not all. Sure Tuesday is ad day, but once those music meetings are done and the ads have been reported I know you have nothing but free time on your hands for the rest of the week. OK...so maybe "free time" isn't the best definition of that you have... It's probably more like a handful of minutes.

So with those few precious minutes, you should waste a couple of them here at FMQB.com Why? I'm glad you asked. Well, first of all, as we get up and running we will be adding more songs Available For Airplay to listen to, you can send me pictures of you and rock stars to post so other people can say "pssst, it's those guys???...I have a picture with them from their first tour when no one but me and my MD knew who they were."

Oh but wait...there's more. We will also have a new section called "Who Is ______?" In this section we will be asking programmers the real hard hitting questions like, "Would you have drinks with Mel Gibson?" and "What would we find under your bed?" So be on the lookout because first up will be "Who Is Nik Rivers of ALT Buffalo 107.7?"

And if that's not enough and by golly it should be then OK...There's more. I'll be giving you "Stuck In My Head." Basically it's what it sounds like, it will be the song that's been stuck in my head the most for the week. Some will be great...some not so much, but why should I be the only one with this song stuck in his head when I can share them with you? If you have one stuck in your head or just want to say hi, hit me up anytime at mase@fmqb.com


Alt-J "Every Other Freckle" (Canvasback/Atlantic) Click Hear for audio sample of AltJ-EveryOtherFreckle
Fall Out Boy "Uma Thurman" (Republic) Click Hear for audio sample of FallOutBoy-UmaThurman
Jungle "Time" (XL/Beggars)
The Black Keys
    "Weight Of Love" (Nonsuch/Warner Bros.) Click Hear for audio sample of TheBlackKeys-WeightOfLove
The Griswolds "If You Wanna Stay" (Wind-Up)
Matt & Kim "Get It" (Harvest/Capital) Click Hear for audio sample of MattAndKim-GetIt
Purity Ring "Push Pull" (4 Ad) Click Hear for audio sample of PurityRing-PushPull
Zella "Day Hypnotic" (Hollywood) Click Hear for audio sample of ZellaDay-Hypnotic

Backstage at the Troubadour in Los Angeles after the *Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts* show. Weiland's management team has partnered with *INgrooves's artist services division, INresidence*, for US distribution & promotion of his new album "Blaster", set for March 31st release. *Pictured from left to right*: Bryan Mead (SVP, INresidence), Jen Bontusa (Sr. Director, Product Management, INresidence), Michael Plen (VP, Marketing & Promotion, INresidence), Lucas Keller (Manager) and Scott Weiland.
*Photo credit*: Piper Ferguson

Nik Rivers
If you have ever been on an industry junket, you have meet this man. You’ve probably shared a beverage , quoted “Fletch” and/or “Caddyshack” and possibly even seen a band or two with him. But really...who is Nik Rivers? Let’s find out.

Going back in time, what was the circumstance that truly prompted you to make radio your career?

I was in College, and getting ready to go home for the summer, and assume my job at Recodtown. But then I found out the school radio station needed folks to staff it 24/7 as we had no automation yet, and they were offering $10 an hour/35 hours a week. At the time, that was a BIG raise over my Recordtown minimum wage. After a week, I was hooked and wanted to do this full time.

What was the last book you read?
Well, I’m currently reading “The Ghost of Flight 401” It’s a book I remember seeing around the house as a kid that my dad was reading. It’s about a Eastern Airlines flight that crashed in the everglades in the 70’s. The airline then reused parts from the crashed plane on other planes in the fleet, and folks claimed that those planes became haunted. Wild, Whacky Stuff….

“Fletch” or Caddyshack”...which is truly the better film?
Oh boy… That’s a tough one….I Mean how is one to choose between the Underhill’s and the Underall’s ???

You can vacation anywhere in the world...where are you going and who are you taking with you? Oh yeah...It can’t be your girlfriend.
I have developed a bit of an affinity for Las Vegas. Even though I have been there countless times, I would go back…Ideally I would like to travel there via mini van, and make a stop at Dangerous Dan's School Of Bear Wrestling, I believe it is Just outside of Barstow near the Big Dip. You'll know it when it comes...Anyhoo. as for a travel Companion, I Think I would bring Jon Manley from Seattle, he is in need of a good #Junket

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Jacent Jackson, PD
KITS/San Francisco

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